September 22, 2007

Crazy for Catnip


Hiding in Nate's closet

She probably wants to be fed

January 11, 2007

A dark picture of Deja's cat Simone

Her eyes will melt your heart.


So fluffy I can't stand it


More tongue *heart*

Phoebe's tongue!!!

Brucey Bruce

Don't let his cuteness fool you, Rocky can be a mean bastard

Sweet Natalie


Buster - the biggest German Shepard ever


November 06, 2006

Hopefully a better video of Phoebe playing

November 05, 2006

More Purr Pad

Phoebe's doppelganger

This is not Phoebe.

It's a Phoebe impersonator going around, looking just like Phoebe, posing for Halloween cards.

Phoebe lounging on her brand new purr pads

Phoebe playing!

September 01, 2006

Sweet -- Another video!

Totally working the bonnet I knit for her

Swimming in catnip

I love her

Chilling in the bathroom

August 30, 2006

Phoebe's pathetic urban view

I'm not sure what she's doing since Nate took this picture

Extreme Close Up

Phoebe catching some rays

August 12, 2006

Phoebe playing with trash

If you have volume, you can hear her meow!