June 22, 2006

Fun with blue feather

Does the fact that our cat sleeps on a cardboard box make us ghetto?

P.S. The black bag is the 2 liter bottle filled with water that we keep out for Phoebe to help keep her cool.


Anonymous pocket & wally said...

hi phoebe!
we want to know why you like the cardboard box so much. we don't think it's ghetto at all. we're just curious how that can be comfy. is it just cooler? is it what the urban cats do? we want to know. we like to chew on paper products but that's all we can say about that.

we also eat our poop. do you like to eat your poop, too?

we love you, phoebe!
--pocket & wally

10:33 AM  
Anonymous Phoebe said...

Hi Pocket and Wally!

I have absolutely no idea why I love this cardboard box so much. It must be because it's so smooth and it feels cooler than the cheap ass Target rug in the living room. But it's weird because sometimes I like rugs, like the kitchen rug is fun. So's the hallway rug. I guess I just like to mix it up -- cause I'm that kind of cat. You dig?

I don't eat my poop. Ever. But I don't judge you for eating your poop. Maybe your poop tastes better since you're vegan.

Thanks for visiting! Feel free to send along any photos of yourself -- I'd be happy to post them.

Lots of love right back at you,


10:41 AM  

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